About once every few years or so, Chris Kauffman emerges from the regularity of his normal life to release a new full-length project. In 1997, with his young, Lancaster, PA based indie band, Riveredge he and his bandmates delivered an interesting and eclectic album called "Plaid".

Ten years later, fully engaged in family life and the new joys of fatherhood he released an album called "Know You" which met with some critical success. Performing around the Pennsylvania area under his own name he was able to enjoy playing many low-key acoustic shows, which matched the timbre and mood of the acoustic-folk-rock of "Know You".

Also at this time he began playing with a group of friends in a band called Waiting for Cadence which gave his material a bit more of an indie-rock edge to it. Waiting for Cadence never released a full-length album, although a number of smaller E.P. recordings are in circulation.

Chris has now found that fatherhood is a catalyst in his search for what is true and real and good. No longer content with just accepting everything as we know it, Chris began giving in to his natural, questioning character and began to tear apart long-held beliefs piece by piece. Love, political beliefs, religion, church, and societal norms were all fodder for this deconstruction. Sometimes Chris has found that what he believed all along could indeed stand up to the test of questioning, and in these cases his faith and his values were strengthened. Conversely, sometimes he found that what he once held to be true could no longer hold weight, and in these instances he needed to rebuild or even throw out what he once held as sacred. The Deconstructionists is what follows.

Music Releases…

2018 “The Deconstructionists” Album-

Born out of the eternal search for what's true, and the desire to pass on to the next generation only the things that can stand up to questioning, "The Deconstructionists" contains 12 honest songs that chronicle the difficult process of tearing apart one's deeply engrained mindsets. Accompanied by some of his Waiting for Cadence bandmates (Joe Stauffer, Joel Meck, and Dan Carpenter) and others, Chris takes the listener on a journey through the deconstruction process and, in some cases, back out again. Sonically dense on purpose, the listener should hear new things with each listen. Borrowing vibes from late 80's/early 90's alternative music as well as from the current indie and Americana scenes, Chris has created a layered sound that is interesting and unique. Cliches have no place in these writings as The Deconstructionists attempt to use words in new ways to describe the age-old search for truth.

2019 “Thoughts and Prayers” E. P.-

Experimenting with new sounds, drum machines and a little bit more of an electric feel than their 2018 self-titled album, The Deconstructionists offer up a new 5-song E.P. entitled “Thoughts and Prayers”. Acoustic guitar is less central and replaced with big soundscapes as Chris Kauffman and co. explore new ways of writing and performing their original material. As usual, religion, politics, social media, love and other topics are all fodder for deconstructing, as Chris tries to understand the modern world and share his musings in a way that is both relatable and thought-provoking.

Enjoy the Deconstructionists!